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Where there is a will, there is an opportunity

Much more than simply making a will.

Successful estate planning incorporates a range of disciplines and skills including financial planning, tax planning, and the skilful use of trusts and asset protection strategies, and needs to be considered in association with personal insurance, investment and superannuation strategies.

What will happen with assets when you die, or become mentally incapable of looking after your own affairs?

Effective estate planning involves orchestrating your estate to ensure that wealth is passed exactly the way that you intend to your chosen beneficiaries, in the most financially-efficient and legitimately tax-effective way.

Generally the complexity of estate planning needs increases as personal circumstances and financial affairs become more complex.

How can a financial planner help you with your estate planning?

Our financial planner can help you review your objectives and needs, and develop your estate plan.

In very general terms, estate planning involves creating the financial building blocks for the legacy you wish to leave, including sound:

  • Investment and Superannuation strategies;
  • Personal risk assessment and appropriate insurances;
  • Asset protection;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Aged care funding and strategies;
  • Articulation of their wishes;
  • Nomination of the beneficiaries of your estate;
  • Preparation of a Will appropriate to the needs of your family and the assets you control;
  • Appointment of an Executor of their Will;
  • Determining your requirement for a Power of Attorney and identifying the most appropriate person for the Power of Attorney role;
  • Establishing Guardianship for children; and
  • Establishment of Discretionary Trusts or Testamentary Trusts for appropriate financial management of your estate.

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